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  • Looking for an experienced clinical research facility for your upcoming trial?

  • The secret lies in our exclusive approach to pre-qualifying potential study subjects. Working closely with acute care emergency departments, inpatient resources and physician referrals, we continuously add subjects to our proprietary HIPAA-compliant database. We use techniques developed over time to quickly identify reliable subjects that meet your exact requirements and specifications. Our experienced team meets your most challenging enrollment goals in record time.

  • At CMRA, our focus is on enrolling patients in clinical trials to obtain the data required for review and approval by regulatory authorities, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

  • We staff our center with the top talent, efficient and effective people to recruit, start, conduct and complete clinical studies. We train our people continually in quality control and have an unparalleled quality assurance program to make sure the job is done right.

  • For your next study, let CMRA experts help you meet your patient enrollment goals. Only CMRA offers a faster, more efficient method for delivering large numbers of qualified subjects for clinical trials

  • To learn more, please contact: 818-349-1979 or cmra.inc@gmail.com

  • Site Description

    • Located at 18531 Roscoe Blvd Suite 206 Northridge, California (close proximity to Northridge Hospital Medical Center)
    • 2500 sq. feet clinical research facility including infusion center, exam rooms, nursing station, records and drug storage, conference room, private monitor rooms with telephone, fax and wireless internet connections.
    • 2 site owned ECG machines, 2 standing scales, spirometer and complete lab processing capabilities.
    • Specimen refrigerator and freezer with -70 degree or -20 degree capability.
    • Site use of central IRBs.

  • Reliable and experienced staff

    • 8 full-time study coordinators
    • 4 full-time research assistants
    • Recruitment/Retention Team
    • 9 Principal Investigators

  • Types of trials

    • Hypertension
    • Endometriosis
    • Cardiac
    • Anemia
    • Arthritis
    • Migraine
    • Community acquired pneumonia
    • Asthma
    • Ulcerative colitis
    • Crohn’s disease
    • Hyper cholesterol study phase II - IV
    • Vaccines
    • Type 2 Diabetes
    • Acne
    • Osteoarthritis

  • Recruitment and Retention

    • Designated Recruitment and Retention Team
    • Members of this team can provide retention visits to ensure patient compliance with protocol.
    • Investigators conduct community outreach programs which provides free lectures related to research and multiple medical conditions.

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